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Get Cute Gel Nail Ideas
. Today i have a 100 easy nail ideas! Gel nail art falls between the regular nail polishes and the artificial acrylic nails and it gives you the best of both.

35 Cute Gel Nail Designs That Make You Glow This Summer from

Gel polish on short nails gives a more glossy and dewy appearance to your nails and can even help in strengthening the real nails if used as a base coat. Not to mention, that gorgeous mint green polish. They are applied liked a regular polish, but they dry under an led or uv light, which speeds up the drying process, resulting in a mani that lasts way longer.

Today i have a 100 easy nail ideas!

The best unicorn nail art design ideas & tutorials. 10,677 likes · 2 talking about this. Short gel nails look neat and fresh because of their glossy sheen. #gel nails #gel nail art #nail art #nailtech #nails #nailsdone nailswatch nailsaddict nailsdid nailsofinstagram nailspolish nailsmagazine nailsoftheweek nailsnailsnails nailstamping nailstoinsp #gel nail almond shaped gel nails with cute bows, caviar beads and cable knit detailing in pinks & white.

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