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Get Cool Short Nail Designs
. No worries, we've got you covered. Who says you can't do nail art on short nails?

13 Short Nail Designs That Are So Easy To Do Who What Wear from

Trust me, this post will be your savior. Love nail art, but have trouble finding awesome and new short nail designs? Is the nature of your work preventing you from keeping track with the latest fashion trends because it needs excessive computer typing or plenty of manual participation?

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A simple rainbow design that effectively uses negative space. While they seem super intricate, steph promises that the process is simpler than it seems. You might think that short nails don't offer enough canvas space for the elaborate nail art designs of your dreams, but while scrolling through instagram this weekend, we found plenty of options. It may seem that long nails are having their moment in the spotlight, and that can be discouraging if you have shorter.

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